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Treatment close to home

No Need To Travel, RODP Can See You By Telehealth!

Clients can be seen via telehealth (video conferencing) at Alberta Health Services locations across Alberta.  Addiction treatment providers can help you.  If your situation requires treatment with medications they can be dispensed to you via the pharmacy closest to you.  Call today! 1-844-383-7688


Is RODP A Public Service?

The Rural Opioid Dependency Program is an Alberta Health Services program.  All visits, addiction counseling, opioid dependency nursing are covered by Alberta Healthcare.  Call today there is no risk!

Are Medications Free?

Alberta Blue Cross plans including income support, AISH and most private plans cover the costs.  There is emergency medication coverage available as well.  Call today for more information.

What Are Clients Saying?

"I finally feel like myself again"

"I don't have to wake up worried about getting sick"

"I can't believe how fast I got in"

"It's so good not driving in to the city for treatment anymore"

"I know this has saved my life"

Where does RODP serve?

RODP Currently has clients in over 40 communities across Alberta.  If your community doesn't have an existing clinic, call and you almost certainly get access.  

Can I get carried doses?  The short answer is yes!

Is this just another way to use?

Some people say that you aren't clean on replacement therapy.  This is both dangerous and false.  

Research shows that abstinence in opioid addiction is nearly impossible to maintain without a slip or two along the path to recovery.  Those slips, thanks to the way opioids work are very risky for overdose and death.  On treatment you will quickly start to feel like a normal person again.  Call us for more information.

Suboxone vs. Methadone

Access in Rural Alberta has never been better.  Each client is assessed individually for opioid addiction treatment.  Suboxone, a treatment for opioid addiction, is much safer to start than methadone and is preferred for that and some other reasons.  If you are already on methadone you can continue on that medication.  Please contact the RODP program if you have other questions.

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